Agendas & Minutes

The quickest and easiest way to find agendas and minutes is to view our Council Meetings Calendar, here you will find all papers associated with each meeting linked to the calendar entry.

Please note that Agendas are published at least 3 clear days ahead of a meeting, topics requiring a decision cannot be added to the agenda after the deadline has passed; and must wait for another meeting. Minutes are only posted after they have been approved at the next Council Meeting.

All of our documents are stored in our document management system (DMS) where you can also view our agendas and minutes.

A number of people have asked about finding MINUTES.

You can use the Calendar feature or go to the Document Management System (DMS) and fill out the first box FULL then on the second box drop down to MINUTES and then in the last box drop down to LATEST then press the filter key, you will be presented with the MINUTES in decending order.