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Disposing of Your Bagged Dog Waste.

Disposing of Your Bagged Dog Waste.

You may have seen on the bins around the village that dog waste is now accepted in general litter bins.

There are already several dog waste bins around the village but you can now dispose of your bagged dog waste in other bins.

In certain areas around Great Glen, dog waste is left on pavements and grassed areas by the person in charge, which is an offence. If you are caught allowing your dog to foul without picking up after it then you could face a fine.

Please think of others.

You can report incidents of dog fouling by calling Harborough District Council on 01858 828282.

Please also keep your dog under control at all times and on a lead if directed by an authorised officer.

Posted: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 12:20 by Alexis Biggs

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