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At six years old, I remember coming home from school clutching a pink decorated coronation mug and a decorated handkerchief in July 1953. Even more exciting was to be at Coleraine railway station when the new Queen and Prince Philip visited the town as part of a tour of Northern Ireland in the same month. There were crowds of people thronging the station car park, but my uncle hoisted me up on his shoulders so I got a really close view and a wave as they walked past.

Bill Glasper, Chair of Great Glen Parish Council

In the summer of 1979, when working for a Bus Company in Brighton, we were told that the Queens car would pass our HQ's front door. We hurried down to see her Majesty and Prince Philip pass only yards away, after visiting Brighton Marina. She had a broad smile and waved.

Peter Scott, Councillor, Great Glen Parish Council

I was fortunate in meeting the Queen when I was teaching in Southampton and she was opening the new Medical School and visiting the School of Nursing. She noticed my Hospital badge that had Toronto highlighted. She commented that I was very lucky to know that city and how she had enjoyed her visit there. She wished me well wherever I settled and I was allowed to speak to her for a few seconds!

Something I will never forget.

Lucinda Andrews, Councillor, Great Glen Parish Council

I met HRH Princess Anne some years ago whilst working for HM Prison Service.

I had been asked to compile an exhibition of the work of dogs in the Prison Service and present it at a central London venue.

The exhibition included photographs of dogs who were on security duty within the prisons and others who were trained to sniff out drugs, explosives, mobile phones and other contraband items within the prison and any taken in by visitors.

HRH, as a dog lover, was very interested in the exhibition and spent about 30 mins asking questions about this special area of orison work.

I met Her Majesty in 2006 when I was presented with an MBE for my work within HMP and with countries around the world who wished to attend courses at our Training College in Warwickshire.

I was presented with my Award in the Ballroom at Buckingham Palace.

Prior to the ceremony the recipients were gathered into an ante room and details of the proceedings explained to us by a member of the Royal Household.

I was told that Her Majesty would ask a few questions about my work in the Prison Service.

It was a splendid day and very exciting. My husband and daughter came as my guests.

Ann Parrott, Councillor, Great Glen Parish Council